Winning an Auction is always Amazing !

We all want great deals by winning the auctions. To win any auctions it takes psychology, strategy, aggression, skill. As we say , It’s not Luck, it’s Strategy.
To Win the Auction you must know the rules, how winner is selected and all other details about the Auction.
Before knowing the winning tips , You need to know  how to bid ?

You need to follow three Simple Steps to Bid :



Login / Register



Purchase / Redeem
Bid Credits



Start Bidding

Note : For every bid you place , your bid credit will be deducted. So more bid credit , more bidding.

Unique Lowest Bid:

UNIQUE LOWEST BID is the mechanism by which Bhaobolo decides the winner of a particular Auction. For any auction, Bhaobolo finds out the unique bid quotes (The bid quote which is entered by only one user for that auction is called unique) and then looks for the lowest bid quote ( The Lowest Bid Quote among the Unique Quotes ) to decide the winner of that auction


It’s Not Luck:

It’s not luck; it’s your skill and strategy. You might be lucky on rare occasion but consistent winning depends upon your Skill and Strategy.

Know The

To be a successful bidder, you should be acknowledged and understood the bidding process carefully. “BID GUIDE”, “FAQ”, “TIPS TO WIN”, “Terms and Conditions” will provide you a better understanding of the Auction rules.

Choose the suitable
Bid Plans:

Selecting the Bid Plan for a bid product, is another important strategy to win. You must choose the correct bid plan which will help you to win the bid by spending the minimum amount.

Budget the Bid Plans

Bid budget is also an important factor. If a product price is 10,000 you may choose your bid budget with 10% or 20% or 30% and so on. It should be based on risk calculation.

Track the

All Auctions are time bound. Track the time to know when an Auction will be started and will be closed. The life of an auction will help you to choose the bid products, bid plans and number of bids you will spend on a particular product.


Win a valuable product with just a few bids is possible but very infrequent. Your strategy of spending bids should be considered according to the product value and product type. The Popular and exciting bids will have more bidders to compete with.

Bid Amount:

As our winner is always considered with the LOWEST UNIQUE BID, you should not try any random bid. It will reduce the chances of winning. Make your strategy clear in order to put the lowest as well as the unique bid amount.

Look For FreeBid Credits:

More you bid more chances will have to win. To minimize the bidding cost, always check our website for new offers. Purchase from the listed partners to get free bid vouchers.

Know your

Observe the Auction carefully. Try to understand other bidder’s strategy to bid on a particular product.


Participating in bidding will make you more experienced. Your skill and strategy will be more sharpening. Every bidding you participate will take you to the right path to be a Wise Bidder.

Check your account frequently:

Once you are selected as the winner after the bidding, you have to claim the product and complete check out process within 7 days from the bidding closing date. Otherwise, it will be forfeited. So, check your bid status frequently.

Compare Your Win & Loss:

Always compare your Win & Loss position in every bidding. It will help you to correct your flaws in earlier bidding. For instance,
You participated in 3 Auctions and won only one Auction, Product value is 15,000.
1st Auction: You spent RS. 500 and lost
2nd Auction: You Spent RS. 1000 and lost
3rd Auction: You Spent RS. 1500 and You Won.
Study the past Auctions you participated. You will get an idea from the bid amounts, the number of times you entered the bid, timings of the bid amount you placed, winning price and other details.